Matthew 28:19

Switzerland Community Church (SCC) is a Bible teaching, elder-led church located in St. Johns County. SCC exists with the mission to help people take their next step in following Jesus. Our church is built on the foundation of God's Word. As a church, our mission and vision drive our purpose. Our hope is that the community that surrounds SCC will be impacted by seeing the Gospel lived out in our day to day lives. We hope you will join us Sunday morning at 10:30 AM for worship!


Our heart has a tendency to pursue things focused on self-interest, self-preservation, self-gain, etc. I think you get the picture. However, as believers Jesus challenged us to, “deny self and take up our cross and follow Him“ – Matthew 16:24. This requires a change of focus, to pursue the heart of God. During this 12-week series we are going examine the life of David to see how we too can go AFTER GOD’S HEART